Wednesday, September 05, 2012


JURASSIC PARK: DANGEROUS GAMES isn’t the usual Jurassic Park story. Sure, there are lots of dinosaurs (including appearances by a T-rex), but the overall tone and story structure is different. The book features a CIA agent named Espinoza. Espinoza is sent undercover to Isla Nublar. Yes, the island is still over run by dinosaurs. However, the world’s most wanted drug czar, Cazares, has also made the island his headquarters: what better place to place your headquarters and grow your crop than on an island filled with animals the whole world fears and that is under an international quarantine. Espinoza’s cover is broken and he is let go into the wild in a type of  “The Most Dangerous Game” stunt. He’s given twenty-four hours before the hunt begins. The tide turns when Espinoza meets Frances White, a former scientist who decided to stay on the island after the dinosaurs first ran loose. She “nursed” numerous raptors into the world and couldn’t bear to leave them behind. She is able to communicate with them and they view her as their matriarch. White hates Cazares and she is inclined to help Espinoza leave the island, but first she forces him to pass a test. It is a test that only the worthy can survive.

I liked the basic premise of JURASSIC PARK: DANGEROUS GAMES. It was refreshing to see a story that didn’t follow the typical Jurassic Park archetype. However, I was disappointed by the execution of the story. The hunt of Espinoza was much too short and convenient. Also, the climax of the story was dissatisfying; it ends too abruptly.

The typical Jurassic Park fan might be disappointed by JURASSIC PARK: DANGEROUS GAMES, but it’s different enough that the book has more appeal with those who might not be serious fans of the series.

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