Monday, November 13, 2017

Children's Book Review: POOR LOUIE

The title character in POOR LOUIE is a little Chihuahua. His owners have made him the center of attention and he loves it. However, things slowly start to change for Louie. It begins when he's no longer allowed to eat at the table with his mom and dad. Then other changes start to take place. It's around this time that even his owners begin calling him "Poor Louie." Louie realizes that one of those human babies is on the way. However, when things start showing up in twos: two beds, a stroller for two, etc.  Louie has the realization that there might not just be one baby on the way, but two! So, Louie decides to run away. But he doesn't get very far before and the owners are almost home. Poor Louie! I really enjoyed POOR LOUIE. The animation reminded me of some older school Disney stories, such as 101 DALMATIANS. POOR LOUIE is a great little story.

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