Thursday, June 10, 2010

April 2010: Media Consumed

Books Read
*The Wizard of Oz John Kane, adaptation
#Young Pillars Charles Schulz
Jane Austen Peter Leithart
#Math, Science, and Unix Underpants Bill Amend
#The Wild and Twisted World of Rubes
Leigh Rubin
#Ziggy Goes For Broke Tom Wilson
#Fox Trot Sundaes Bill Amend
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz L.Frank Baum
The Unlikely Disciple Kevin Roose
#The Twilight Zone: The Monsters Art Due On Maple Street Marke Kneece

* = denotes a play
# = denotes a book of comic strips, graphic novel, or TPB

Out of the books I read in April of this year, The Unlikely Disciple is the one that deserves a special mention. The author of the book was a student at Brown University who after meeting some students at Liberty University decided to spend a semester there and see firsthand just how great the "God divide" really is. Unlike a lot of books I've read that promise to be honest and unbiased, The Unlikely Disciple really is. It's an honest look at some parts of the Christian subculture by an outsider who really does his best to keep an open mind.

I read a lot of comic strip collections in April. Comic strips are great.

Movies Viewed For the First Time
Clash of the Titans (2010)
The Silo Project
Hot Tub Time Machine
Strange Invaders
Invaders from Mars (1986)
Earth Vs. the Spider

The remake of Clash of the Titans was basically crap. That remake had so much potential, but the filmmakers blew it.

The Silo Project is a documentary about a guy who records a folk-music album in an abandoned grain silo. It's directed by a close friend of mine and looks gorgeous, which is even more amazing considering he had no real budget.

Hot Tub Time Machine was a surprise that I really enjoyed. A time traveling movie hasn't been that fun since Back to the Future. I really enjoyed Kick-Ass, despite the whole "children committing violence" thing. Lastly, Chaplin wasn't as good as it could have been, but the acting was phenomenal and overall the movie was good.

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