Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toys Make Kids Fat

Last week I came across an article that described a lawsuit the "Center for Science in the Public Interest" was threatening to file against McDonalds. Basically, according to the organization McDonald's was responsible for making thousands of children obese because of Happy Meal toys. Toys make kids fat. That was a new one to me. Food and no exercise makes kids fat.

I realize that this lawsuit is just a big publicity campaign for the "Center for Science in the Public Interest". Still, you know if they are threatening a lawsuit but never follow-through, someone somewhere will.

Also, where did these people come up with their name? "Center for Science in the Public Interest"? There is no science involved in their lawsuit and suing McDonald's because you believe toys make kids fat is definitely not in the public interest. If anything, they should be thanking McDonald's because that little toy actually encourages a child's imagination and gets them to play and kids using their imaginations and playing are much better than kids sitting around watching tv 12 hours a day.

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