Friday, October 08, 2010

I Saw An UFO

People see UFOs more often than one might suspect. I've never doubted that. However, I don't believe in aliens. In my opinion, UFOs can either be explained, are all either some sort of government (whether the U.S. government or some other country) secret projects, are some sort of secret project by some private enterprise or business. I don't think someone who claims they've been abducted by aliens to be lying. Instead, they have probably had their mind tampered by some sort of drugs (either of their own doing or by someone else, perhaps willingly or perhaps unbeknownst to them) or some form of hypnosis. If they were really kidnapped and had experiments performed upon them, it wasn't by aliens but by the government or some private enterprise.

I bring this all up because last night I saw an UFO for the first time in my life. I was on my way to Highland, IL for pick-up rehearsal for HARVEY. I had just turned on Hwy 140 when I saw this bright light.

It wasn't a star. It didn't look like an airplane. It wasn't a cloud. It wasn't a contrail. It kind of looked liked a falling star, except it never moved. It just sat there in the same place. I was so fascinated by this thing that when I got to the country road that I take to Highland, I pulled over to look at it some more and take a picture.

The object continued to just sit there. Then I saw what kind of looked like two jets coming from two different directions flying towards the object. They had a very short contrail following them that disappeared almost immediately, but instead of being white these contrails were red. The jets appeared to pass by the object, but then kept right on flying. Not long after I saw another object appear in the sky just like the first one.

I had to get back on my way to Highland, so I got back in the car and starting driving. By the time I got to Highland, I could see about five or six of these objects as well as the two jets. The jets had moved and gotten smaller in appearance, but they were the only objects to have done so. Also, I'm not sure if it was because of the quickly approaching nightfall and the lack of sunlight, but all of the white objects now appeared red. I got to the theatre for rehearsal soon thereafter and didn't see the objects again. And that is my experience seeing an UFO for the first time.

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