Thursday, October 14, 2010


I don't get MTV's show Jersey Show. You can say "It's a Jersey thing," all you like but it still doesn't make sense. Why are we, as a society and culture, making a bunch of young adults who have the mental and emotional capacity of children with no morals into millionaires and celebrities? Apparently I'm not the only one that feels that way. Last night (Wed. 10/13/10) South Park didn't hold back any punches and took on the whole Jersey Shore and "Jersey" mentality. They particularly made fun of Snookie, who's real name is Nicole Polizzi. Below is how she was pictured throughout the episode.

South Park pokes fun at everything, but they really don't enjoy most celebrities, particularly those who become famous for doing nothing.

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moayyad said...

Pretty stupid show indeed!
This jersey shore is cabbage "garbage"
and so much for having steroid muscle guys
and silicon filled tits girls with less than 13 IQ under the hood!
Southpark did a good show by the way.
Funny and helarious.