Friday, October 01, 2010

LeBron James Says Racism Is Now Why He Is Disliked

LeBron James says that racism is a "factor" in why he is now considered one of the most disliked athletes in professional sports. I've never been a fan of James; I think he's highly overrated and one of the most egotistical athletes ever to play basketball and I don't think he has enough talent to live up to his hype. However, let's give credit where credit is due. In his special "The Decision" broadcast on ESPN this past summer, James donated all of his proceeds from the event to the Boys and Girls Club of America. James is also a talented athlete. He's a good basketball player who has leadership potential.

However, racism is not the reason James is no longer in the favor of public opinion. It's all about loyalty, something James has shown he has very little, and money, something James has shown he adores. He could have stayed with his home team, in the state he grew up in. That would have been the loyal thing to do. Cavalier fans have supported James when others abandoned him. He was Cleveland's favorite son. But, he got greedy and despite having a multi-million dollar offer from the Cavs, he jumped ship and went to Miami, a place who was able to offer him more money.

I would not have liked James if he stayed with the Cavs, but I would have respected him a lot more. But not only did he abandon his home team, he did it on a cable special in front of the whole world. It's a little too much of, et tu Brute? Now James claims that the reason his decision is so unpopular is because of racism. That's just plain stupid and makes things even worse. The only way James will ever gain favor again is if he actually starts living up to his hype and wins and wins big.

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