Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Based upon the animated show THE GARFIELD SHOW that aired on The Cartoon Network in the United States, THE GARFIELD SHOW #1: UNFAIR WEATHER features five stories based upon cartoons in the series. The stories are:

“Unfair Weather” – the weather has been incredibly hot and humid, but Jon’s nieces Drusilla, and Minerva show up prepared for a camping trip that he promised them. Then do go camping, but then the weather changes and Jon, Garfield, and Odie know that something isn’t right and investigate.

“Down on the Farm” – Jon, Garfield, and Odie visit the family farm. Garfield is upset when he discovers there is no tv and sets out to convince the animals they need tv.

“Mailman Blues” – Herman the mailman goes on vacation and has a substitute to take his place while he’s gone.

“The Robot” – Jon gets a cleaning robot to clean the house and clean Garfield and Odie.

“Wicked Wishes” – Odie finds a genie bottle at the beach but instead of containing a genie that grants wishes, the bottle contains Omar, a genie who demand three wishes from his owner. Garfield has to think of something fast before Omar ruins all their lives.

Fans of Garfield and the tv show THE GARFIELD SHOW will probably enjoy THE GARFIELD SHOW #1: UNFAIR WEATHER. The illustrations in the book seem like cells taken from the tv show. Personally, I find the style of illustrations slightly disturbing, but children might like them.

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