Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: PATRICK EATS HIS PEAS

A Toon Book publication, PATRICK EATS HIS PEAS is a collection of four Patrick graphic novel stories by Geoffrey Hayes. Patrick is a tiny mouse who deals with many of the same challenges that young children do: eating the food served him, learning to help out, taking a bath, and going to bed when he’s supposed to. The stories in PATRICK EATS HIS PEAS are:

“Patrick Eats His Peas” – In this story Patrick’s mother is trying to get Patrick to eat his peas. He does what he can to avoid doing so, but his mother won’t let him.

“Patrick Help Out” – Patrick’s father is busy doing yard work and Patrick wants to help, but Patrick seems to be more in the way than helpful.

“Patrick Takes a Bath” – It’s time for Patrick to take a bath, but he doesn’t want to. Then he spies his toys.

“Patrick Goes to Bed” – It’s time for Patrick to go to bed, but he doesn’t want to.

Children will easily relate to Patrick’s dilemmas and the stories are short and entertaining. PATRICK EATS HIS PEAS is a good book to read to or with a child.

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