Monday, February 17, 2014


Collecting together issues 31-36 of the comic book, THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 6: THIS SORROWFUL LIFE picks up where Vol. 5 left off. Rick, Glenn, and Michonne have been captured by the Governor at Woodbury and are being held captive. In the previous volume, the Governor cut off Rick’s right arm and brutally tortured and raped Michonne. In this volume, Michonne is sent to the arena and “betrays” the Governor by killing her opponent and all of the zombies in the arena. Later, with the assistance of one of the guards named Martinez, Rick, Glenn, Michonne make their escape from Woodbury along with Dr. Stevens and his assistant, Alice. Michonne leaves the group to get her revenge on the Governor. Meanwhile, Rick and the rest of the escapees make the journey back to the prison only to find another surprise waiting them.

THE BEST DEFENSE picked up the storytelling of “The Walking Dead” after several slow issues. THIS SORROWFUL LIFE keeps that pace going. It’s full of action, a few twists, and some key realizations by Rick Grimes and his company. As Tyreese points out to Carl, Rick is what holds the group together. Overall, THIS SORROWFUL LIFE is a solid collection in a captivating series.

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