Monday, February 17, 2014


Part of the TOON Books series of graphic novels written for children, TIPPY AND THE NIGHT PARADE revolves around a girl named Tippy. Tippy wakes up in the morning to find her room a complete mess and filled with a menagerie of different animals. Her mother asks her what happened, but all Tippy can remember is falling asleep. Together they chase away the animals and clean the room. The next night Tippy’s mother tells her to go to sleep and no more mess. Tippy doesn’t know it, but she’s a sleepwalker and her journey that night brings her into contact with all kinds of creatures. The illustrations are simple and easy for children to recognize. As the story progresses readers can play a game with children and see if they recognize the animals that meet and follow Tippy. When Tippy is awake the color scheme is red. Meanwhile, when Tippy is asleep everything takes on a bluish hue. Overall, TIPPY AND THE NIGHT PARADE is a simple story that young children might enjoy having read to them.

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