Friday, September 18, 2015


THE BLACK HOOD: THE BULLET'S KISS: CHAPTER TWO finds police officer Greg Hettinger in emotional and psychological tornado. Addicted to pain killers after the horrible crime that left his face horribly scarred for life, Hettinger stops meeting with his therapist and becomes more and more of a loner. However, what no one knows is that he's become addicted to something even more deadly and dangerous than painkillers: wearing the mask of the dead vigilante "The Black Hood." Hettinger wears the mask as comfort but also a way to take out his frustration and rage on criminals. Meanwhile, the criminal kingpin whose business was harmed by Hettinger's actions when he was a good cop before the accident sets into motion a series of events to frame Hettinger.  Besides a note from the author, the end of the book also has a short essay entitled "A Vigilante Bullet to the Heart: Crime in Philadelphia" about a man who took justice into his own hands in 1843.

Chapter Two of THE BULLET'S KISS is rather short and other than what happens to Hettinger at the end of the book, there's not much that really goes on. The book is intriguing enough, but it lacks some of the appeal of the first chapter. I hope things pick up again in chapter 3 of "The Bullet's Kiss" storyline.

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