Monday, October 12, 2015


THE STRANGE AWAKENING OF LAZY SMURF is the 17th volume in the Smurfs graphic novel collection from Papercutz. The collection contains six Smurf stories:

"The Strange Awakening of Lazy Smurf" – the rest of the Smurfs decide to play a practical joke on Lazy Smurf and while he takes a long nap, they put on wigs and makeup and make Smurf village look like it has aged 200 years. When Lazy awakens from his nap, they tell him he has slept for two hundred years and they have grown too old to continue their chores, but now that he has awakened from "The Great Sleep", he can help them. The joke doesn't go exactly as planned and chaos ensues.

"Disco Smurf" – the Smurfs open up a club outside the village where they can practice their music and not disturb Papa Smurf. However, Gargamel finds out about their little music and dance hall.

"The Ogre and the Smurfs" – Bigmouth the Giant's cousin, an ogre, tries to eat Gargamel, but brings him along as a "snack" just in case as he tries to find the Smurf village so he can find some Smurfs to eat.

"Gargamel's Twin Brother" – Gargamel's twin brother, Gourmelin, makes a surprise visit to his brother. Unlike Gargamel, Gourmelin is a friendly person. Gargamel tries to get his brother to help him capture Smurfs.

"Gargamel's Nephews" – three of Gargamel's nephews are staying with them and he tries to get them to hunt and capture Smurfs for him. The three boys are at first terrified of the creatures because they've been lead to believe by Gargamel that they are the most terrifying creatures in the forest.

"Smurf Surfing" – this story is a sequel to the story "The Smurf's Vacation." The Smurfs return to the beach for a short vacation. Gargamel's cousin, the Ice Cream Vendor, is there, too and he forms a plan to capture the Smurfs.

Overall, a nice collection of Smurf stories. There's a nice variety of tales here with a wide variety of main characters.

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