Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: THE SMURFS #19: THE JEWEL SMURFER

THE JEWEL SMURFER is the 19th volume of collected Smurf stories by Peyo and released by Papercutz. This book is a full book-length story. The central character is Jokey Smurf.  After a prank with Brainy goes awry, Jokey is captured by two traveling human street entertainers. At first they aren't sure what to do with the little blue elf. However, when he is able to get their pet mouse to perform all the tricks they were unable to, he becomes their prized possession. A man who sees their show promises them that they can gain all kinds of wealth if they use the blue elf for other purposes: stealing from homes at night. When the life of the pet mouse is threatened, Jokey feels he has no choice. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf and some of the other Smurfs set out on an adventure to find Jokey and bring him back home. I really enjoyed THE JEWEL SMURFER. I've discovered that I enjoy reading longer Smurf stories instead of the shorter ones that the Smurf collections normally have.  THE JEWEL SMURFER is just a really good story and has all kinds of great elements; it even references Hamlet at one point!

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