Monday, October 12, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: SMURFS MONSTERS

SMURFS MONSTERS is a themed collection of Smurf stories. Each of the stories in this collection revolve around the theme of monsters.

"Motro, the Forest Monster" – after "purchasing" Mother Nature's garden, a man named Fatso and his bruisers awaken the forest monster Motro to destroy the garden and hunt down the Smurfs. Papa Smurf has to seek the aid of the good magician Homnibus to help.

"The Golden Acorn" – when Grandpa Smurf becomes ill, Papa Smurf, Hefty Smurf, and Sassette Smurf set out on a dangerous journey to find a golden acorn to heal him.

"The Wild Carrots" – Apprentice Smurf dumps his useless potions and elixirs onto the dying carrots that Farmer Smurf hasn't been able to grow. However, the mixture causes the carrots to grown and to become living animals that wreck havoc in the village and the forest.

"The Ice Castle" – a group of sibling travelers are captured and imprisoned by Mauvebeard, the Lord of Ice. Papa Smurf finds a message tied to a young fawn and sets out to rescue the prisoners.

"Bigmouth and the Lizards" – in exchange for a month's worth of meals, Bigmouth brings Gargamel a pair of lizards that he has trained to hunt for Smurfs.

I enjoyed SMURFS MONSTERS. I found it to be a really nice collection of themed Smurf stories. Great Smurf collection for Halloween-time!

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