Saturday, October 03, 2015


Part of a series of graphic novels from Walker Books for Young Readers, THE AFTER HOURS is an adaptation of an episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE by the same name.  A young woman named Marsha White enters a department store searching for a specific gift for her mother: a gold thimble. However, as she goes about searching for the gift, a growing sense of terror begins to fill her.  The mannequins seem to be watching her and she suspects they don't want her to leave the store.

Like the original tv episode, the graphic novel does a good job of capturing the invading sense of dread and terror that Marsha feels. Those store mannequins just look so creepy. I liked the illustrations in the story. They are similar to the illustrations in other books in the series. They are kind of cartoony, but not too much so. They do an excellent job of capturing the mood and atmosphere of the tale. The text is written in a font a little larger than most graphic novels and comics and the panels are easy to follow. The book includes introductory and concluding essays as well as a page that gives many details about the original episode, including cast, crew, and trivia.

Overall, THE AFTER HOURS is a good graphic novel adaptation of a classic episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

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