Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Media Consumed: September 2011

Books Read
Ready Player One  by Ernest Cline
The Cardturner   by   Louis Sachar
Words Made Fresh   by   Larry Woiwode

I recommend all three of these books, but for different reasons. Anyone who spent any part of their childhood in the 1980s will probably enjoy Ready Player One, an action-adventure story set in a world where video games are more popular than real life. The Cardturner is written by the guy who wrote the book Holes and is a engaging drama that makes the game of bridge fun. Lastly, Words Made Fresh is a collection of essays with some powerful messages; it's written in the way that I wish I could write.

Movies Watched
The Smurfs
The Spine Tingler
Brother's Justice

The Spine Tingler is a great William Castle picture. Everyone should watch more William Castle movies. Brother's Justice was a fun mockementary. And Drive, one of the best movies of 2011, hands down.

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