Monday, March 31, 2014


It's difficult to believe that Charles Schulz passed away in 2000. However, Schulz drew nearly 18,000 "Peanuts" strips in his life and "Peanuts" continues to carry on after his death. CHARLIE BROWN AND FRIENDS is a collection of "Peanuts" strips that mostly focuses on Charlie Brown. These strips have been published at least twice before in newspapers: they were published once when Schulz was alive and they were republished again after his death. There are dates listed next to the comics, but these dates refer to the second newspaper printings and not the original newspaper printings. I'm a huge fan of Charlie Brown and the "Peanuts" and I love seeing new books out that are being marketed towards younger people. Schulz always did that when he was alive and I'm glad that it continues.

At the end of the book there is a how to list of some activities kids can do: making a Charlie Brown mask, making a kite, making a flip book, and making puppy chow. There are also some facts about Charles Schulz as well as a short history of the Charles M. Schulz Museum as well as some questions for reflections. There's also a list of places to go for further information. Lastly, along the side margins of CHARLIE BROWN AND FRIENDS there is a flip book.

Overall, CHARLIE BROWN AND FRIENDS is not a complete collection or treasury. Instead, it's a collection of "Peanuts" comics mostly having to do with Charlie Brown and is aimed at children.

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