Sunday, March 23, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: ARIOL #2: THUNDER HORSE

Ariol, the little blue donkey, is back in ARIOL #2: THUNDER HORSE. In this collection of Ariol stories we get to know Ariol's best friend, Ramono (a pig) slightly better, we meet a few more of Ariol's classmates, and we get to meet Ariol's fraternal grandparents. The stories in this collection are:

"Stickers" – There's only one stick Ariol is missing from his Thunder Horse Sticker Collection and he's determined to get it on a visit to Begossian's Bookstore. While there an adult tries to convince the children they will never find the missing sticker because it was never made.

"Chocolate Eclairs" – Ariol learns how to make his mistakes in school help him spend some time with his secret crush, Petula.

"Vaccine Reaction" – Ariol has to get vaccination shots.

"Karate" – Ariol gets in an argument with Timberwolf about who's dad is better than who.

"We're Going to Have Fun" – Ariol's teacher is going to be gone for two weeks so his class is divided into two groups with two other teachers.

"Hide and Break" – Ariol's mom leaves Ariol and Ramono alone for a few minutes at Ariol's apartment while she runs a short errand.

"Ariol's Secrets" – Ariol thinks his parents are keeping a secret file on him when he finds a file in his dad's drawer with his name on it and some black and white pictures.

"Ariol Plants a Tree" – Ariol's class visits a forest to plant a tree.

"Summer Vacation" – Ariol tries to get Ramono to come with him on summer vacation to his grandparent's house.

"In the Train" – Ariol and Ramono ride the train by themselves to Ariol's grandparent's.

"Oh! The Sea!" – Ariol and Ramono arrive and are picked up by his grandpa.

"A Good Book" – Ariol's mom leaves Ariol in the care of Mr. Begossian at his store while his mom runs some errands.

"Ariol" is a fun and down-to-earth little comic. ARIOL #2: THUNDER HORSE is a comic book collection that both kids and adults will enjoy.

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