Monday, March 10, 2014


Benny Breakiron appears like a regular little boy. However, he's not quite regular because he's incredibly strong. Not only that, but he can run extremely fast, is able to leap massive heights, and has breath so powerful it can blow all the leaves off trees. He can do all these things, except when he has a cold; then he's just like an ordinary boy. No one knows Benny's secret, but none of the children Benny's age want to play with him because he always breaks their toys.

One of Benny's friends I an older gentleman named Monsieur Dussiflard who runs a taxi cab. In BENNY BREAKIRON #1: THE RED TAXIS, Monsieur Dussiflard is being put out of business by a new taxi company in town: the Red Taxi Company. When Dussiflard does get some business he finds himself threaten by company employees and they destroy his taxi. When Dussilfard goes to speak with the owner of the company, he accidently discovers some knowledge and is kidnapped. Benny figures out what has happened and sets out to rescue him.

Before reading BENNY BREAKIRON #1: THE RED TAXIS, I had never heard of Benny Breakiron before. The comic was drawn by Peyo, the creator of the Smurfs. The stories have some similar patterns and devices. However, Benny is a much different character than any of the Smurfs. His adventures are more akin to something out of Tintin.

I enjoyed BENNY BREAKIRON #1: THE RED TAXIS. I wasn't sure what to expect and it was a pleasant surprise. I only wish there was some kind of origin tale in the story about Benny. For instance, was he born with his powers or did they develop over time and who are his parents? Perhaps questions such as these will be revealed in later volumes.

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