Sunday, March 02, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: ARIOL #3: HAPPY AS A PIG

The little blue donkey Ariol and his friends are back in ARIOL #3: HAPPY AS A PIG, the third collection of Ariol comics. ARIOL #3: HAPPY AS A PIG contains several different stories about Ariol and his friends. The stories in this collection are:

“After School” – Ariol is walking his secret crush, Petula, home from school and she questions why Ariol always wants to walk her home.

“The Submarines” – Ariol’s best friend, Ramono, comes over to play soccer. Before leaving, Ramono wants to check out the basement, a place Ariol does not want to explore.

“Mrs. Capra” – Mrs. Capra is the woman who watches Ariol while his parents are at work. This is a story of a typical night between Mrs. Capra & Ariol.

“Poetry” – Ariol is supposed to memorize a poem for school, but instead writes a poem to Petula.

“Grandpa-Diving” – Ariol and Ramono play at the beach with Ariol’s grandpa.

“The Book-signing” – Ariol’s dad takes him to a book signing of the artist who draws “Thunderhorse.”

“At Ramono’s” – Ramono invites Ariol over to his house to watch “Thunderhorse” on tv.

“The Light in the Hallway” – Ariol wants the hallway nightlight left on at night so he can play with his toys.

“Granny in the Subway” – Ariol’s grandma goes with Ariol on a trip through the subway station.

“Today’s Report” – Ariol, Ramono, and Bizzbilla are supposed to give a report on volcanoes at school. Ariol and Ramono haven’t done as much work as Bizzbilla. Bizzbilla almost reveals her secret crush on Ariol.

“The Videogame” – Ariol is playing a video game instead of doing his homework. His dad takes his game away and then Ariol’s mom takes it away from Ariol’s dad.

“Before Dinner” – Ariol and Ramono are at Ariol’s grandparents.

Ariol is a fun little comic and it’s exciting to see the characters develop and continue to grow in ARIOL #3: HAPPY AS A PIG.

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