Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bring Mel Back

Although he might not be the greatest actor in the world, I've always liked Mel Gibson. He got his start more as an action hero, but he has a lot more depth as a performer than many action heroes do. He's also one hell of a director (and one of my favorites). Gibson hasn't been employed by a studio in ten years. Granted, he's an alcoholic and said some really terrible things. However, I just think it's unreasonable that a person of Gibson's talent has been ostracized for so long. I mean, for instance, one of Hollywood's favorite directors is a child molester who can't enter the U.S. because of the federal warrant for his arrest. What Mel did said was terrible, but they were just words with no intent or action to support them.

Allison Hope Weiner posted an opinion piece at on Tuesday about Gibson. It's a great article that you can read here.  I don't know if it will change anyone's mind, but I sure hope so. I'd like to see Gibson in a big budget movie again or see that long planned Maccabees film.

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