Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book Review, Graphic Novel: THE RETURN OF THE SMURFETTE

Since her creation in Smurfs, the regular Smurfs have longed for the return of the Smurfette. THE RETURN OF THE SMURFETTE features her return to the Smurf Village and the chaos that ensues. The book features three longer Smurf stories, several one page stories, and one mid-length story.

The longer stories in this volume are:

“The Smurf Garden” – the Smurfs want to have a picnic. However, the picnic area is filled with bugs, the grass needs to be cut, and the swing and benches are broken. The Smurfs decide to come back the next day and clean the picnic area up. However, in the night Gargamel discovers the picnic area and sets a trap. The next day the Smurfs return, along with Smurfette and discover a garden that appears to be perfect. However, appearances are deceiving and it’s up to Dopey Smurf to save the day.

“The Handy Smurf” – Handy Smurf creates a drill and goes around making holes all around items in Smurf Village.

“Halloween” – the Smurflings play a Halloween prank on the Witch that gets Gargamel in trouble.

The mid-length story in the volume is “The Return of The Smurfette.” In this story, the Smurfs receive a letter from Smurfette informing them she will be returning to the village. They do everything they can to impress her and make her return special.

Some of the one-page stories are entitled “Romeos and Smurfette.” The other one-page stories are entitled “Smurferies.” The “Romeos and Smurfette” illustrate the different things different Smurfs do to win Smurfette’s heart. “Smurferies” features various day to day events in Smurf Village.

THE RETURN OF THE SMURFETTE is a welcome addition to the Smurf comics’ volumes. With Smurfette’s return things at Smurf Village become even more interesting than before.

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